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Veritek B100 3D Wheel Alignment

Veritek B100 3D Wheel Alignment

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Veritek B100 3D Wheel Alignment System


Did you know the VERITEK 3D Wheel alignment machine is the most affordable wheel alignment in the Philippines. This wheel aligner machine can perform the most common task of wheel aligning job.Like Caster Adjustment to get the caster reading. The camber correction and the toe-in/toe-out measurement.

What are the advantages when you  buy the Veritek B100 3D Wheel aligner?

  1. You are in Good hand – Because the Veritek technical team will help you from installation, training, until after-sales support.
  2. This wheel alignment machine is low maintenance.You just only have to clean it, It has no charger and battery or mother board inside the target disk, so nothing to worry about electronic component.
  3. One time calibration РThis wheel alignment machine is already calibrated on the factory abroad, Once it is installed it will be ready to use. Note! you dont have to calibrate it again.
  4. Durable – This Wheel alignment is durable.
  5.  Accurate РWow this machine is accurate, Nothing to worry about the accuracy.
  6. Copy paste database update – This is very nice feature of this wheel aligner, because the update of database is copy paste, but you can still update manually by typing vehicle wheel alignment specification.
  7. Skilled Technician – The technical team of VERITEK INCORPORATED are specialized on different type of automotive equipment. Most of our technician are trained from our supplier abroad. The minimum experienced of our technical team are more than 5 years.
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“We’re¬†not¬†just¬†your¬†automotive¬†equipment¬†dealer,¬†but we¬†also¬†your¬†partner¬†in¬†business”



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      Hello sir.
      Veritek B100 3d Wheel Aligner Price is 298,000 Pesos.

      For inquiries just contact Ms. Amy Orosco @ 09339917474 or 09277547842.

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