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Toyota Ses’fikile T-belt Warning light Reset

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Toyota Ses’fikile T-belt Warning light Reset

Toyota Ses’fikile T-belt Warning light Reset

The new Ses’fikile 2.5 D-4D, with its low fuel consumption figure will make immediate business sense to taxi operators. Added to that, Toyota South Africa Motors will further support taxi operators by not only offering the standard 3 year / 100 000 km warranty, but also by reducing the cost of service parts and components by an average of 23% to further reduce taxi owners’ operational costs.
The comprehensive list of specifications include electric power steering, a tilt adjustable steering column, ABS with Brake Assist (BAS), a full complement of seat belts for all 15 occupants, central locking and an emergency escape roof hatch.
Other specifications include the compulsory reflective highlights, a fire extinguisher, driver guard and all legally required decals. As further benefit all Ses’fikile models are equipped with the ToyotaCare Microdot Anti-theft system, which allows authorities to identify the vehicle’s original engine number to better track down stolen vehicles or parts.

1. Switch ignition ON.

2. Ensure ODO/TRIP display set to ODO information. 

3. Switch ignition OFF.

4. Press and hold ODO/TRIP display switch. 

5. Switch ignition ON. Wait 5 seconds. 

6. Release  ODO/TRIP switch.

7. Within 5 seconds press and release switch. 

8. ‘9’ will be displayed.

9. Press ODO/TRIP display switch for 5 seconds. 

10. Release ODO/TRIP display switch.

11. Ensure ODO displayed and warning lamp goes out. 

12. Done
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