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Toyota Innova Kijang Cyrsta T-belt Light Reset Tutorial

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Toyota Innova Kijang Cyrsta T-belt Light Reset Tutorial

Toyota Innova Kijang Cyrsta T-belt Light Reset Tutorial

Toyota Innova Kijang Cyrsta T-belt Light Reset Tutorial

The Toyota Innova  is a compact MPV manufactured by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It is produced in Indonesia under supervision by Toyota-Astra Motor since 2004. As with Kijang, which it replaced, the Innova is produced and first marketed in 2004 in Indonesia. The Innova is part of Toyota’s IMV program together with the Hilux pickup truck and the Fortuner SUV. Its official name in Indonesia is Toyota Kijang Innova, while for other countries it is Innova.

Please Follow the instruction below:

Reset timing belt replacement warning lamp as follows: 

  1. Switch ignition ON.
  2. Ensure ODO/TRIP display set to ODO information. 
  3. Switch ignition OFF.
  4. Press and hold ODO/TRIP display switch. 
  5. Switch ignition ON. 
  6. Wait 5 seconds. 
  7. Release switch.
  8. Within 5 seconds press and release switch. 
  9. The setting value is displayed.
  10. Press and hold ODO/TRIP display switch. Wait more than 5 seconds. 
  11. Release switch.
  12. Ensure ODO information displayed and warning lamp goes out.


1. Change the view on the speedometer in the ODO mode display (ON position contact lock).
2. Turn the ignition OFF.
3. Press and hold the meter button, and turn the ignition ON
4. Press and hold the meter button for more than 5 seconds
5. Release the button and then press again for 5 seconds
6. Release the button
7. Press and release to select the interval (press 15 times) before the following warning light is on.
The interval before the next flame warning light can be calculated using the number of times the button is pressed multiplying by 10000. The current example of vehicle mileage is 150000 km. If the button is pressed 15 times then the warning light will come back on when 300000 km distance [150000 + (15 X 10000)]. The maximum replacement standard of the Innova Diesel timing belt is 150000 km.
8. After selecting the interval, hold the button for 5 seconds or more
9. Meter view returns to ODO mode and warning light off

If step (7) can not be performed for 30 seconds or more after step (6), the interval does not change and the display will return to ODO mode automatically


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