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Toyota Hiace T-belt Warning Light Reset

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Toyota Hiace T-belt Warning Light Reset

Toyota Hiace T-belt Warning Light Reset

The Toyota HiAce is a light commercial van produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. First launched in October 1967, the HiAce has since been available in a wide range of body configurations, including a minivan/MPV, minibus, panel van, crew van, pick-up, taxi, and an ambulance. In Japan, the HiAce is exclusive to Toyopet Store locations.


1. Switch ignition ON.

2. Ensure ODO/TRIP display set to ODO information.

3. Switch ignition OFF.

4. Press and hold ODO/TRIP display switch.

5. Switch ignition ON. Wait 5 seconds.

6. Release  ODO/TRIP switch.

7. Within 5 seconds press and release switch.

8. ‘9’ will be displayed.

9. Press ODO/TRIP display switch for 5 seconds.

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10. Release ODO/TRIP display switch.

11. Ensure ODO displayed and warning lamp goes out.

12. Done

 This Tutorial Will Also Work For the Following Model   

  • Toyota Commuter
  • Toyota RegiusAce
  • Toyota Pitbull
  • KDH Eka
  • Toyota Ses’fikile
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  • Toyota Quantum
  • Chery H3
  • Chery H5
  • Chery Transcom
  • Higer H5C
  • Higer KLQ6540
  • Higer H5F
  • Higer H6C
  • JinBei Hiace
  • JinBei Haise
  • JinBei H1
  • JinBei H2
  • Joylong A4-A6
  • Farid Placer
  • Toyota HiAce
  • Toyota Commuter
  • Toyota GL Grandia
  • Toyota Super Grandia
  • Foton View
  • Jincheng Hiace
  • King Long Kingwin
  • King Long Kingo
  • Foton View Transvan
  • Foton Traveller
  • Kingstar Neptune
  • Kingstar Pluto


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