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Honda S2000 2008-2009 TPMS Reset

Honda S2000 2008-2009TPMS Reset

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Honda S2000 2008-2009 TPMS Reset

The Honda S2000 was a roadster that was manufactured by Japanese company Honda from 1999 to 2009. First shown as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, the production version was launched in April 1999 to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. The S2000 is named for its engine displacement of two liters, carrying on in the tradition of the S500, S600, and S800 roadsters of the 1960s.

Several revisions were made throughout the car’s lifetime, including changes to the engine, gearbox, suspension, interior and exterior. Officially two variants exist: the initial launch model was given the chassis code AP1, though cosmetically similar, the facelifted version (known as the AP2 in the US) incorporated significant changes to the drivetrain and suspension. Production of the S2000 ceased in June 2009. In Japan, it was exclusively sold through the Honda Verno sales channel.

ok! ok! ok! Please follow the tpms reset procedure below!

Honda S2000 2008-2009 Tpms Reset – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset
1. A properly formatted scan tool is required to learn new sensor IDs when replacing sensors.
2. After sensor IDs are registered to vehicle, the MIL will flash until the vehicle is driven and the sensors IDs are received by the vehicle.
3. This process could take 1-1 O miles of continuous driving.


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Honda Fit 2008-2015 TPMS Reset and Relearn Procedure

Honda Fit 2008-2015 TPMS Reset

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Honda Fit & Honda Jazz 2008-2015 TPMS Reset and Relearn Procedure

Honda Fit 2008-2015 TPMS Reset

The Honda Fit, also marketed as the Honda Jazz, is a five-door, front-engine, front-wheel drive B-segment subcompact car manufactured and marketed by Honda since 2001 and now in its third generation. Marketed worldwide and manufactured at ten plants in eight countries, sales reached almost 5 million by mid-2013.

Sharing Honda’s global small-car platform with the City, Airwave, Mobilio, Mobilio Spike, Freed and Freed Spike, the Fit is noted for its one-box or monospace with an interior design concept that achieves a re-configurable cargo volume competitive with larger vehicles.

Honda released hybrid gasoline-electric versions of the Fit in Japan in October 2010 and in Europe in early 2011. Honda released the Fit EV, a limited production all-electric version, in the United States in July 2012 and in Japan the following month. By 2012, Honda Fit was produced in 12 countries, including Japan, Brazil, China, India and Indonesia.

Honda uses the nameplate “Jazz” in Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, and most parts of Asia — and the name “Fit” in Japan, Sri Lanka, China, and the Americas.

Please follow the tpms reset below!

Honda Fit and Jazz 2008- 2015 Tpms Reset – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Reset
Models with Information Display:

1. Ensure all tires are inflated to pressure listed on vehicle placard.
2. With manual transmission, ensure the shift lever is in N. For automatic transmission/CVT models, ensure the shift lever is in P.
3. Ignition switch in the ON/RUN position (engine off).
4. Press and hold the TPMS button (located on lower left knee bolster) until the low tire pressure/TPMS indicator blinks twice.
5. If the low tire pressure/TPMS indicator does not blink, confirm the above conditions and hold the TPMS button again. The calibration process finishes automatically.

Models with Multi-information Display

1. Press (UP) (INFO) (DOWN) button to select Vehicle Settings, then press the SEURESET button, and TPMS Calibration appears on the display.
2. Press the SEURESET button. Cancel and Calibrate appear on the screen.
3. Use the up/down arrows from step one to select Calibrate, and then press the SEURESET button.
4. Calibration Started appears on screen, and the calibration process finishes automatically.


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