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Bright MS806B Motor Cycle Tire Changer

Bright MS806G Motor Cycle Tire Changer

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Bright MS806B Motor Cycle Tire Changer


1.The mounting head is made of special steel and lifetime warranty.
2.The special small mounting head as the standard configuration is suitable for 6″-24″ motorcycle tire.
3.Slider features with 3-gear-adjustment function with wide range of demount.
4.The control pedal assembly has the step-move function which can stop the clamp at any position to clamp the rim conveniently.
5.The machine equips the protective cover for clamps and mounting head as standard configuration to avoid damaging the rim.
6.The bead breaker blade with the well-designed structure makes the operation more reliable and the thicker rim support can make sure to bead break the motorcycle tire with the brake flange.

Bright  MS806G Motor Cycle Tire Changer
Bright MS806G Motor Cycle Tire Changer

Technical Specification:

Outside Clamp


Tire Width


Max Wheel Diameter


Working air pressure


Turntable Rotation Speed


Power Supply Voltage

110V/ 220V/380V


980 x760 x950





Net weight/Gross weight


Container Loading Quantity

72 units

Bright LC595 Truck Tire Changer

Bright LC595 Truck Tire Changer

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Bright LC595 Truck Tire Changer


1.The carriage and main shaft can move simultaneously, two-speed movement that improves the work efficiency.
2.Demounting tool keeps in alignment with the centre of the main shaft, which guarantees the demounting wheel position and the operator’s safety.Offering more protection on wheel and rim.
3.Main shaft minimum working height: 450mm
4.Jaws’ four different clamping positions are suitable for all various types of rims.
5.14”—46” ( With extension jaws can clamp up to 60”)
6.The minimum diameter of the center hole: 100mm.
7.Fully hydraulic driven system to make the operation more powerful.
8.With three levels adjustable bead breaker disc. With the fully automatic work arm to go up/down and rotation.
9.Unique design: Reinforced machine base design, oil pipe, wire pipe, which can all be inserted through machine base cavity; good-looking appearance & dependable
10.With stand-by function to reduce power consumption and the noise of the power unit.

Bright LC595 Truck Tire Changer
Bright LC595 Truck Tire Changer

Technical Specification:

Rim Clamp                                                      14–46”
With extension jaws                                            60”
Max. Wheel width                                         1700mm
Max. Wheel diameter                                    2500mm
Max. Wheel weight                                         2000KG
Minimum wheel center hole diameter              100mm
Clamping chuck minimum working height        450mm
Axial travel distance                                      1125mm
Axial movement speed                                   90mm/s
Operation movement speed                           40mm/s
Max. inner side bead breaking power            34000N
Max. outside bead breaking power                28000N
Chuck opening travel distance                        693mm
Chuck operation speed                           40—70mm/s
Chuck rotation speed                                Two speed
Chuck minimum clamping power                     45000N
Chuck clamping hydraulic pressure              8—18Mpa
Hydraulic control unit
Adjustable hydraulic limits                           8—18Mpa
Oil container                                                          12L
Electric motor                                          3.3—4.0 KW
Length                                                           2440mm
Width                                                             2230mm
Lowest height                                                  865mm
Weight                                                            1650KG