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Nissan Serena Service Manual QR25DE Engine

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Nissan Serena Service Manual QR25DE Engine

Nissan Serena Service Manual QR25DE Engine

Serena Serena Service Manual
The second-generation Serena was launched in Japan in July 1999. These versions had a facelift with a wider variety of engines and colours. From September 2002 onwards (the time of the facelift) the Serena used the QR20DE and QR25DE. The pre-facelift C24 Serenas all have a 2.0 L engine, with the optional 2.5 L engine becoming available from 2002.

In Taiwan a lengthened version of the Serena C24 has been manufactured by Yulon under the Nissan label. The Taiwanese Serena is 141 mm (5.6 in) longer than the original, all behind the C-pillar. The Taiwanese version is still in production (2012) and is only available with the 160 PS (118 kW) 2.5 liter QR25DE engine joined to a four-speed automatic.The Nissan C24 was also manufactured by Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Indonesian-market cars use the 2.0 L QR20DE inline-four petrol engine. The trims available in Indonesia are Comfort Touring, Highway Star, and Autech. The Comfort Touring trim-level doesn’t come equipped with electric sliding door and reverse camera, while the Highway Star and the Autechdo.In the People’s Republic of China, the Serena Mk. II got the name Dongfeng Yumsun and is produced by their subsidiary Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile. Later in 2013, Dongfeng Yumsun sold in Indonesia by Xarrina Motor Indonesia as ZNA Succe.


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