Chery H5 T-belt Warning Light Reset

Chery H5 T-belt Warning Light Reset

Chery H5 T-belt Warning Light Reset

Chery H5 T-belt Warning Light Reset
Chery Rely H5 is equipped with 2.0TCI turbocharging gasoline engine with intercooler and the second-generation Bosch HP common rail injection system. Compared with gasoline engine of the same displacement, the reduction of fuel is by 30%.
The 14-seat luxury business traveling compartment has super large space with the dimension: 5410mm × 1920mm × 2290mm. The other features of the Chery Rely H5 are lightweight aluminum cylinder block, the leading design of controllable combustion rate and the CAN bus intelligent manager (CAN + LINBUS efficient diagnostic system).
The Chery Rely H5 is also a full-metal enclosed body with the laser welding technology. The dual front airbags, the high-strength side door crash bar, ABS + EBD and ntelligent Park Assistant system Body make the vehicle be more safety and good performance than other ordinary vehicles. 

1. Switch ignition ON.

2. Ensure ODO/TRIP display set to ODO information. 

3. Switch ignition OFF.

4. Press and hold ODO/TRIP display switch. 

5. Switch ignition ON. Wait 5 seconds. 

6. Release  ODO/TRIP switch.

7. Within 5 seconds press and release switch. 

8. ‘9’ will be displayed.

9. Press ODO/TRIP display switch for 5 seconds. 

10. Release ODO/TRIP display switch.

11. Ensure ODO displayed and warning lamp goes out. 

12. Done
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