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Your Car Brake Sign Explained- What is this symbol?

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Your Car Brake Sign Explained- What is this symbol?

Your Car Brake Sign Explained- What is this symbol
Your Car Brake Sign Explained- What is this symbol

Three different types of operations exist depending on the vehicle’s specification.

1) The Brake light comes on briefly when the ignition switch is turned to the “ON” position.
2) The Brake light comes on when the air brake is engaged with the Ignition switch in the “ON” position.
3) The light comes on when under either or both of above two conditions.

The Brake light also comes on when the fluid in the brake fluid reservoir falls below the specified level. The Brake light should go out after starting the engine and fully releasing the parking brake, if the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir is adequate. The light also comes on together with the ABS warning light when the rear brake force control function (proportioning valve function) of the ABS system fails.

If the brake system warning light comes on while you are driving the vehicle, it may mean that there is something wrong with the vehicle’s brake system. If this happens, you should:

1) Pull off the road and stop carefully.

Remember that stopping distance may be longer, you may have to push harder on the pedal, and the pedal may go down farther than normal.

2) Test the brakes by carefully starting and stopping at the side of the road.
– If you determine that it is safe, drive carefully at low speed to the nearest dealer for repairs, or
– Have the vehicle towed to the nearest dealer for repairs.

If any of the following conditions occur, you should immediately ask your  dealer to Inspect the brake system.

• If the brake system warning light does not go out after the engine has been started and the parking brake has been fully released.

• If the brake system warning light does not come on when the ignition switch is turned to the “ON” position. • If the brake system warning light comes on at any time during vehicle operation.

NOTE: Because the brake system is self-adjusting, the fluid level will drop as the brake pads become worn. Replenishing the brake fluid reservoir is considered normal periodic maintenance.

Thanks guys for reading this brake related issue. 

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