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Chevrolet Blazer 2000-2005 Oil Reset Guide

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Chevrolet Blazer 2000-2005 Oil Reset Guide

Changed little since 1995, the long-running Blazer lags behind more-modern sport utilities in virtually every respect. Emergency handling is poor, the ride is stiff and jiggly, fit and finish is subpar, and the rear seats are uncomfortable. The 190-hp V6 engine feels lively, but fuel economy is poor even by the paltry standards of the class. The Blazer received a “poor” rating in an insurance-industry offset crash test. The TrailBlazer has demoted the Blazer to primarily rental-fleet status. Reliability continues to be poor.

How to Reset the Engine Oil Life System 
The Engine Oil Life System calculates when to change your engine oil and filter based on vehicle use. Whenever the oil is changed, reset the system so it can calculate when the next oil change is required. If a situation occurs where the oil is changed prior to a change engine oil light being turned on, reset the system.

 After changing the engine oil, the system must be reset: 

1. With the engine off, turn the ignition key to ON/RUN.

2. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal slowly three times within five seconds.

3. Turn the key to LOCK/OFF, then start the vehicle. 

If the change engine oil light comes back on when the vehicle is started, the engine oil life system has not reset. Repeat the reset procedure.

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