Bright LC589 Truck Tire Changer

Bright LC589 Truck Tire Changer

Bright LC589 Truck Tire Changer


1.The size is small and weight is light(520kg) making the van carry more service tool and tire.
2.Tool can fast reach outside of the van for 19seconds and retract back inside of the van for 23seconds, making the effect of the mount/dismount similar to the operation indoors.
3.The process of mount/dismount is fast and simple, similiar to the operation methods of the fixed truck tire changer.
4.The weight of the console is noly 8.5kg and there is the spring to protect the cable outside of the console avoiding the damage to the cable. The diameter of the speing is very small decreasing the dangerous for sliding down to the minimum. There is the emergency stop button on the console.
5.The bead breaking arm has 3 position providing more choices in the process of breaking up the bead.
6.After the tire changer retract back to the inside of the van, you can use the lock device to fix the rotation device to guaranttee the tire changer on the van will not move for the shake of the van avoiding the damage to the van and tire changer.
7.It is equipped with the emergence manual pump securing the tire changer can be retracted beck to the inside of the van when the electical power supply is cut off. Each valve is identified with the color. And it is equipped with the renovational lock device with the help of the reasonable design of the manual pump to make it enough to operate the emergency operation by only one operator .
8.It can mount/dismount the tire with ring and the supersingle tire with the bead breaking disk.

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Bright LC589 Truck Tire Changer
Bright LC589 Truck Tire Changer

Technical Specification:

Rim Diameter


Max Wheel Diameter


Wheel Width


Working Pressure


Hydraulic Pump Motor

1.1kW 380V-3Ph 50Hz

Gearbox Motor

1.1kW 380V/3Ph 50Hz

Net Weight/Gross Weight







Container Loading Quantity

14 units

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