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Bright 320 Pneumatic Tire Changer

Bright 320 Pneumatic Tire Changer

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Bright 320 Pneumatic Tire Changer


1.Turntable protective covers as standard protect the rim to avoid scratch by turntable and the ruler on the covers can help to clamp the rim conveniently.
2.The wearable washers as standard correspond to Europ standard to protect the personal safety when mounting the tire.
3.The control pedal assembly has the step-move function which can stop the clamp at any position to clamp the rim conveniently.
4.The hexangular shaft with 41mm and S 55horizontal arm diameter is suitable for operation the flat and hard tire.
5. The machine adopts the parkerising bead breaker cylinder having bead break power 2500KG to bead break the tire from rim easily.
6. The machine equips the protective cover for clamps and mounting head as standard configuration to avoid damage the rim.
7. There’re obligate holes on the machine body which can be optional to install the left helper PL330B, PL338 and/or right helper PL240.
8. The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable.
9.The universal switch is 40A with a pure silver touching point, it can bear great load with a long using life.
10. The mounting head is made of special steel and lifetime warranty.
11. standard equip inflation meter and safety valve,controllable air pressure,protection for safety.
12. The helper AL320 as standard is economical and practical and make the mounting tire conveniently and quickly.

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Bright 320 Pneumatic Tire Changer
Bright 320 Pneumatic Tire Changer

Technical Specification:

Outside Clamp


Tire Width


Inside Clamp


Max Wheel Diameter

1120 mm

Working air pressure


Turntable Rotation Speed


Power Supply Voltage

110V/ 220V/380V


1100 x910 x1010 1280 x550 x450


0.75/1.1 kw



Net weight/Gross weight

246/285   72/95

Container Loading Quantity

40 units


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