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3 Easy Steps- Toyota Yaris 2012-2018 Maintenance Reset

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3 Easy Steps- Toyota Yaris 2012-2018 Maintenance Reset

3 Easy Steps- Toyota Yaris 2012-2018 Maintenance Reset

While other subcompacts have become more pleasant and
rewarding, the Toyota Yaris remains spartan and humdrum. Efficient fuel
economy of 32 mpg overall keeps operating costs low, but that’s the end
of the good news. Acceleration is slow, partly due to an antiquated
four-speed automatic transmission. Tidy dimensions make it easy to park,
but handling suffers from numb steering and excess body lean. Quick
abrupt pitches disturb the ride and engine and road noise permeates the
cabin. The lack of a telescoping steering wheel forces you to stretch
out your arms to drive, and space for your left foot is meager. Two
adults fit in the rear seat, but the basic front seats prove

Resetting the maintenance required reminder light

After the required maintenance is performed according to the maintenance
schedule, please reset the reminder light.

To reset the reminder light, follow the procedures described below:

STEP 1 Switch the display to the trip meter “A” when the engine is running.

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STEP 2 Turn the engine switch to the “LOCK” position.

STEP 3  While pressing the display change button ,turn the engine
switch to the “ON” position (do not start the engine because reset mode
will be canceled). Continue to press and hold the button until the trip
meter displays “000000” 

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